[ mystical and philosophical texts, transformed ]
A R T I S T   T A L K   +   V I S U A L S   —   J U L Y  1 1 ,   7 p m


Over the past months I have been working at the University of Philosophical Research, photographing spiritual, mystical, and philosophical texts — often one-of-a-kind hand-printed and illuminated manuscripts — selected from the Library’s private collection of over 30,000 volumes. I then recombine them, creating abstract forms which allude to the symbology and worldview being represented. The results mean to evoke the ancient Daoist idea that “the deepest truths can never be captured by words alone.”

I will be giving a talk about this evolving project at the UPR on July 11th at 7pm, showing samples of my progress & exploring the ideas behind them.

Saddharmapundarika (The Lotus Sutra) 
[ Original text hand-printed on rice paper by Joyen (Japanese priest), 1834 ]

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